On-brand Bookable Experiences
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Enjoy fully customizable and integrated booking experience for your retail brand that increase profits.
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Helpful Human has served over 1,000 experiential businesses worldwide.

We are experts at strategy, design, and development for retail brands that offer experiences. Here’s how we do that.

Unified Platform

Strategy, Design, Development with Experiential Expertise

Well-crafted digital journeys are on brand and in your brand voice, not controlled by a disinterested third-party ticketing or booking utility. We help make your brand the center of customer delight by crafting the booking experience to respect your competitive advantages for maximum conversion.

We provide
  • Complete digital strategy, design, and development for brick and mortar merchants
  • Booking/ticketing + merchandise sales attached to a unified customer record
  • Custom implementation on the Experiences platform
  • At your domain, in your voice - 100% you!
Complete Package

On-brand booking engine with POS and Check-in app

We offer custom configuration and implementation services over the Experiences platform as "your-brand-first" booking and ticketing system. Currently enabling thousands of businesses, the Experiences platform tools provide complete brand flexibility and extensibility through its API.

  • Low to high volume booking and ticketing capabilities - 100% on brand
  • Booking/ticketing + merchandise sales attached to a unified customer record
  • Custom app development services for use within the Experiences platform
  • Integrates seamlessly with Shopify™and your system

Pull quote from Department of Wonder goes here about how amazing the Experiences app is and how it helped their business.

—Kyle Clark, CEO Department of Wonder

The Experiences App is extremely dynamic and offers a ton of capability for date and time sensitive events. Would highly recommend.

—Wild Knight Distillery

The app easily allows customers to book on my website or over the phone. I have had nothing but positive experience with this app and continue to use it to build my brand!

—Candle Land, Miami

Great app, especially great value. Our museum uses it to schedule all of our tours, shows, lectures and limited capacity events.

—Locust Grove Museum Store

Fantastic app for selling class and event experiences on Shopify. The support from the team is extremely detailed and prompt. Highly recommended.

—Market Lane Coffee

After looking through about 10 different apps experience has got to be the cleanest one I've found for managing my bookings. It has all the features I need and easy to set up.

—Crofts Chocolates

Fantastic App that handles all our different types of booking experiences both free and chargeable so we can get on with delivering them. The team couldn't be more helpful.

—The Distillery London

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Ready to join the experience economy?

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Experts in the Experience Economy

Our team will help you position and execute your vision and empower your business within the experience economy.


Effective and efficient proven process


Designed to convert and 100% about your brand


All the skills to create high-performance desktop and mobile experiences


We understand the Shopify ecosystem and how to extend functionality

Sell experiences first, products and services second!

Brands that focus on delivering a memorable experience first with the products and services playing a supporting role are the winners. So even big brands like Lululemon, REI are building flagship stores into education and activity centers instead of cramming the floorspace with uninspired displays of...stuff.

Here are some examples of the myriad options we see these days from retailers of all sizes:

  • Cat cafes (Coffee and cats anyone? Yes, please!)
  • Candle-making workshops
  • Craft distillery tours
  • Charcuterie design experiences
  • Haunted mansion murder mystery events
  • Blacksmithing experiences
  • Cooking classes
  • Goat yoga
  • Virtual wine tastings

More than 75% of millennials would choose to spend money on a desireable experience or event over buying something desireable.

—Eventbrite, Fueling the Experience Economy

An accessible experiences platform for your experiential commerce

We choose to use the Experiences platform to empower our retail customers to succeed at making experiential commerce the hero of their business. It is an enterprise-grade web app for the merchant customers of the largest cloud-based eCommerce platform in the world, Shopify. And we're continuing to build it out for your platform of choice.

It can be added to any merchant’s store in just a few clicks. The platform is engineered in a way that makes your integrations, expansions, and innovation easier.

Experiences engineered for scale

The Experiences platform is a high capable and distributed cloud-based system facilitating millions of dollars in revenue for retailers around the world. The system is extensible through their API empowered app marketplace and absolutely customizable at the presentation layer to delight your patrons.

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