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We built planes with software

Ok, so maybe we didn’t actually build any planes, but we certainly played a part in helping digitally innovate the process of building planes designed to move millions of people every year. 

In an industry not known for its digital innovation, we had the pleasure of being invited to collaborate with driven engineers and leaders with a thirst for disrupting the status quo. By the time we arrived, the stage had been set. Our job was to help our client deliver data-driven groundbreaking web apps to serve everyone from factory floor workers to the C-suite with real-time, mission-critical insights.

The answer? Sell experiences first, products and services second!

Brands that focus on delivering a memorable experience first with the products and services playing a supporting role are the winners. Even big brands like Lululemon, REI are building flagship stores into education and activity centers instead of cramming the floorspace with uninspired displays of stuff.

Here are some examples of the myriad options we’re seeing these days from retailers of all sizes:

  • Cat cafes (Coffee and cats anyone? Yes, please!)
  • Candle-making workshops
  • Craft distillery tours
  • Charcuterie design experiences
  • Haunted mansion murder mystery events
  • Blacksmithing experiences
  • Cooking classes
  • Goat yoga
  • Virtual wine tastings

Sell experiences first,
products and services second.

As a modern brick and mortar merchant, you’ve either been decimated (or are on your way to being decimated) by Internet commerce. A recent stat predicted 150,000 (find accurate citation) physical-space retailers will be closing their doors in the next five years. It’s just so easy to order stuff online and have it shipped directly to your home. In many cases, within two days!

The global market for experiential retail is roughly $8 Trillion dollars. This number includes all of sports, entertainment, travel, and dining and it’s a lot of cheddar! But we believe that the “long tail” experiences marketing rivals the tracked number from those big categories. This includes the myriad small venues, off-kilter entertainment venues, classes and workshops

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The global market for experiential retail is roughly

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