We build digital solutions for companies trying to do awesome things.

Helpful Human is a digital consultancy based in Seattle that collaborates with clients and partners to build inspired interactive experiences. 

We are a design led development team focused on creating meaningful user experiences to serve your business’ goals. Using the ancient tools of design and code, we build websites, apps, and interactive experiences for fantastic people and the initiatives they represent.

Our desire is to take on work that requires more thought, technical expertise, and courage. That’s the work that tends to make a bigger difference. We do things a little differently, so rather than start off by showing you our process or portfolio, here are a few things that help us stand out.

All the money and time in the world won’t make it work.

Real success is the result of talented people striving together to deliver the best possible outcome within measured expectations. Experience and solid process win the day. From our early engagement roadmapping services to our post-launch training (we’ll even help hire and train your internal support), we are a sage team you can trust.

Everything we’ve known about interfaces is changing.

The way we’ve communicated with digital devices hasn’t changed too drastically over the past few decades. Sure, the introduction of touch devices shook things up a little bit, but interaction still closely emulated that of a mouse. Now things are changing faster than ever, and we’re not just talking about screen sizes.

Interfaces have evolved into a variety of contexts. There are applications that are accessed and used entirely via speech and gestures. Devices that immerse you in a virtual world or simply add a layer to what exists around you. How we use, perceive and interact with the realm of digital is evolving with the technology and interfaces are becoming invisible.

Most initiatives cover the basics - mobile, tablet, and desktop. But increasingly we’re engaging the world in completely new ways through physical and virtual venues no one saw coming. Except for Neal Stephenson. He kinda nailed it.

Collaboration for the good of all humankind.

You know what’s not fun? Giving a vendor your hard-earned cash so they can lock themselves behind a door with a sign that says "No Clients Allowed" until the modern equivalent of a floppy disk labeled “code” is slid out from underneath 8 months later.

A scenario like this is a catalyst for failure and ultimately doesn't really help anyone. We request a great deal of collaboration with our clients during the lifespan of an engagement. By integrating your team with our own, we will create a magical blend of synergy and productivity.