Digital Clarity

Digital Clarity™

Define, design, and validate your product in 5 days.

Digital Clarity™ is a 5-day process that answers big questions and tests assumptions in front of real users. We work together to understand completely, establish consensus, and prototype core experiences to be validated by real customers.

How does it work?

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Define & Discover

It starts with our teams working together to understand core challenges, challenge assumptions and discover new ideas.

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Design & Test

We ideate and create scenarios based on our discoveries that we then prototype and test with users.

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Plan the Way Forward

We’ve accomplished the hard work of discovering new ideas, turning them into reality and testing them with users. Now we can refine everything into a concise plan to implement.


Imagine that you’re an ophthalmological specialist for dogs and you want to offer other veterinarians your expertise regardless of where they are in the world. You’ll need to gather basic diagnostic information about each patient, decent photos of the animal’s eyes, and be able to communicate back to the veterinarian quickly within an easy to use and private communication tool.

If you’re that ophthalmologists you’d need a tool like Sighthound! We helped our client envision the entire business model, user experience, and underlying technology within our Digital Clarity process. The resulting prototype was tested with real veterinarians who helped validate the business opportunity.

Mobile preview for Sighthound


In Seattle, Rudy’s Barbershop is a local hero. Starting from a single location on Capitol Hill in 1993, Rudy’s has extended its retro-hip aesthetic across the nation while making their customers look and feel seriously cool.

But Rudy’s appointment booking user experience was off brand, clunky and frustrating to customers. The Humans were hired to rethink the entire experience while reinforcing what makes the Rudy’s experience special.

The resulting mobile web app concept stays on brand and will go miles to alleviating the pain points caused by the current user experience.

Mobile preview for Rudy's

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